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Will I regret having a speed oven and steam oven only (no wall oven)?

last year

I currently have a speed oven (1.4cu ft) and a full size wall oven (5 cu ft), as well as a Breville (1 cu ft).

I almost never use the full size oven. Just sometimes for baking cookies on bigger cookie sheets.

We're going to be doing a kitchen remodel, and what I really want is a steam oven.

I'm considering just getting a 24" speed oven and a bigger 24" steam oven (2.5 cu ft) and skipping a wall oven altogether. We never cook big turkeys or anything like that, and I can use multiple smaller cookie sheets with the steam oven. And I like the smaller European profile 24" wide appliances over the USA standard 30", so any wall oven would be 24" as well. A 24" wall oven is only 3.5cu ft, so bigger than the steam oven, but not by leaps and bounds.

Will I regret not putting in a wall oven?

And even if it's good for me, will it be hard to sell my house without a wall oven?

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