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Please help with a short question regarding rug size - plus 8 photos

I recently* moved in to a townhome. I brought this rug with me when I moved. I love the rug, but I think it looks "skimpy" with the furniture. I am not looking to change the furniture.

Attached are pictures of the living room as it currently is arranged with the rug.

I am also posting pictures with blue tape on the floor of how large I "guess' it should be.

-- The rug is 11 x 8.

-- The room (not including the entry hall behind the sofa) is 18 x 15. (The wall with the sliding glass doors is 18 and the fireplace wall is 15).

-- If the rug extended to the taped area, it would measure 11 x 11.

Please help with any advice. Do you think the rug is okay as it is, or do I need a larger rug? And if so, what size do you think would look best?

Thank you in advance. I really appreciate some help.

* I know the room looks plain, but I have only been in a short time. I haven't hung any pictures yet and I have an electrician working on hiding the TV wires.

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