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Help! Tomato recipes please! 8 gallons of puree...

16 years ago

I've made a couple cases of Annie's Salsa in different heat levels from ''Sweet'' to "Hot" and loved all of them. But with about 80 tomato plants, I need more recipes!

We pureed hundreds of tomatoes of all different types, sizes & colors (except cherries for now) and never weighed them. We used a {{gwi:939809}} for a couple hours and came out with 8 full gallons of puree/juice/whateveritscalled. The Spremy removes the skins & seeds and the final product is ready to use.

BUT... how do I use it? And how do I substitute it in recipes for canning? What I mean is, most recipes call for x cups or y pounds of tomatoes... how do I equate ingredients in cups or pounds to what I have in its current form? What would 1 quart or gallon of my puree/juice be equal to? Do I just use recipes that call for straining and pick up from there? Do I look at recipes and take the quantity it makes and then subtract any other ingredients' volumes and use that amount of my stuff? And what exactly is my "stuff" called?

Does anybody have any recipes that I can use it for? Pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce with meat, chili, V8 juice, soups, etc? I think I have enough to make 4 or 5 different things... plus the plants are still loaded! Thick salsa is out with this batch, but I still have enough tomatoes if I get through the next night or 2 to make a few more cases of Annie's Salsa.

I still didn't get my basement freezer door open so looking to can if possible--not freeze.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

'Mater Mark


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