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Please Critique My Kitchen Layout

TLV 123
11 days ago
last modified: 10 days ago

I have been working with a KD!! and I am very happy with the perimeter design and appliance layout. I would like your opinion on an optimal island design. Only my husband and I live here.

I currently have a 30” table in the nook, but wondering if a 36” - 48” for 4 people seating? I have a 48” card table that I pull out when needed. Works just fine for company.

I like having seating on two sides on the island. I have been thinking an 18”seating OH so that the base cabinet is not kicked all the time…but I can also tile that area. If so, would 15-” be adequate? I’ve read standards/guides to not have the seating OH more than ~20-30% of the total slab surface area. I’ll most likely use 3 cm granite. I know will need to do some calculations for reinforcement steel plates/or tubing or corbels…strength, spacing, length, before install.

I really like the photo with drawers on the island end. How may I incorporate that function? I would like to have drawers on both ends. But if there are two 48" base cabinets and then an OH, that is quite large. Maybe 24" base cabinets on sink side and 12-18" cabinets with the drawers on the ends?

What is a maximum island where I can comfortably reach the center to clean.

What is a nice proportional looking island size/ratio to kitchen area? So it doesn’t look like a runway.

On the wall between kitchen and the living room, I added that little counter/table/stand for miscellaneous/pet items…maybe that’s not an ideal feature.

The door by the nook exits to the outside deck and pool. The door next to the fridge is to the dining room, but it is now a game room.

Door to kitchen behind table. This dining room is now a gaem room.

Door on the left opens to the outside...deck and pool.

I really like the end of this island but probably needs to have narrower drawers.

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