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Please critique my kitchen layout

5 years ago

About to undertake a major renovation, part of which includes a relocation and redesign of the kitchen. Seeking thoughts regarding the overall functionality of my proposed layout. Any ideas for improvement (cost efficiency, larger/smaller walkways, different appliance position, etc.)? I'd like to maintain the southern wall (bottom of figure) since it is existing, but am open to shifting the wall if it would improve the design. The northern peninsula wall is not currently existing (proposed half wall except for 24" where the upper corner cabinet is located).

Thinking out loud as I write this ... I will be adding plenty of artificial lighting, but currently the window at the sink is the only natural light within the space. Proposed french doors at the bottom lead to a small office space (7x14) where a sliding door aligns and exits to the rear of the house. Thoughts on whether the interior french doors will help provide sufficient natural light so that an interior window above the fridge could be replaced with a high wall cabinet?

Also, the dining area is open to the living room and chairs are shown as though someone is sitting in them. Gap between dining table edge and peninsula countertop is 38" (24" clearance behind chair). Is that sufficient? Can't really shift the table north without impeding more than I'd like into the living room area.

Other items I didn't point out on the figure:

- Ceilings are 8'

- 9 inches of space between the sink window and upper cabinets

- 39" uppers (if semi-custom)

Thanks, in advance, for your suggestions.

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