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Algae on fountain never been this bad!! Advice?

4 months ago

Where i live it is not even warm, its cloudy and little sun, so far in May yet the

The algae in my fountain is off the charts this year. I spent 2 hours cleaning it completely less than a week ago. Since i have birds + squirrels visit the fountain and drink, i'm very careful about what i put in there. I bought Fountec off Amazon as it is supposed to be 'wildlife safe" I believe the fountain holds @ 10 gallons of water and i put in 5 drops. 2-3x in one week, its not helping . In winter i had no issues, until May, again there is really no sun, but it is not too cold. I want to be safe-- yet Fountec seems like it is of no help! I hate to turn off my fountain for good! Any advice?

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