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My funny & aggravating Phishing story

4 months ago

Things like this seem to happen on days when I have a lot to do. When the convo was over, I took to my bed with a good book to decompress. This regards my CH amz card. If anyone here has a strong accent, please don't take this personal.

Yesterday the phone rings from Ch. card serv. A guy with a strong accent told me my card had been comprimised for $1,000, ordering from Texas. They knew I didn't live in Texas so that's why they were calling. My radar went up. He talked so fast and interrupted every sentence I said. He immediately said he was going to cancel my card and send me a new one, and not let the 1K go through. I told him do NOT cancel my account without my permission. He kept talking so fast.

He was accurate on my account balance and last payment, but when I asked what my last purchase was, before the 1k, he couldn't tell me. He told me he's calling from a credit bureau for CH and there was a red checkmark next to a purchase I made. Once more I asked him to tell me what my last purchase was which was under $10.

I think he got frustrated with me and transferred me to someone else. Another guy with the same accent asked how he could help me. I told him, and he said I need to talk to the person at my bank who just called me. I told him my bank did NOT call me. He told me he can't stop any charge on my account, that the bank has to do that. Hit head on wall ten times.

He transferred me back to Mr. Phisher and again the guy told me he would be cancelling my card. I told him I will call CH myself, and then he gave me a phone number to call. I told him I will call the number on my card, then hung up.

Their little minnow caught a shark, not a crappie.

I called the number on my card and a wonderful guy with the same accent, lol, answered and I told him not to take my accent comments personal, and I explained everything. I gave him the phone number from caller i.d., and the number Mr. Phisher gave me to call CH.

This guy said I was being phished & because they did have accurate info on my balance and last payment, he cancelled my card and we got it all taken care of.

TEN MINUTES LATER the phone rang again, caller i.d. had Bowling Green, MO, I answered, and there was a guy with another strong accent telling me he was calling about my compromised card.

I let loose and told him I just found out he is phishing me and do not ever call me back.

An hour ago my new card arrived. It took less than 24 hours.

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