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Outdoor Lights - Eaten for Nut Storage

4 months ago

Help! My bottomline question is... Can we still leave these lights up and use them or Is this now an electrical hazard?
I have lights around a firepit sitting area (like the picture I've posted here) extending to a low limb of an adjacent short maple tree (basically because it looked neat). I'm pretty sure, after reading on this, that a squirrel has chewed through the wire, where I indicate by the arrow in the picture, to store the bulbs as nuts - lol! They were only able to reach the three that extended to the tree branch. Now the part of the wire is exposed where it chewed through to get the bulb. I had these on a timer until my husband noticed it the other day doing spring yard work. Not sure how long they'd been like that prior, but we didn't experience any electrical issues. Can anyone let us know if these exposed wires are requiring us to buy a new set to replace the entire string or if options exist to keep them? Thanks in advance.
Also, we only found 2 of the three bulbs and are going the poor squirrel doesn't really hurt itself on the glass discovery when it goes to crack it open. 🫣

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