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Jumping kid and a concrete floor: What kind of (temp) floor coverage?

Zoe S
8 days ago

We’re building a 2-story ADU and are planning to do a polished slab floor on the first level. We have a preschooler who loves to jump on/from the couch, so we’re looking for a semi-temporary flooring solution in the living room to protect her from the concrete (or protect the concrete from her). Given the vigor of her jumping, I don’t think an area rug alone will cut it. We plan to transition back to concrete eventually; this is just to get us over this phase.

The living room area is about 10’ x 12’ with sliders out to a patio; we’d like to cover most if not all of this space. We’re a shoe-free home, but stuff gets in anyway. No pets.

We have a couch, lounge chair, and an ottoman that get used for fort-building and obstacle-course construction; none of it too precious. Style is vaguely Scandi/mid-century modern.

Some ideas so far:
-Black or gray rubber flooring, rolls or tiles, marketed for home gyms, with area rug covering
-Playground-quality rubber tiles (expensive, possibly overkill?), plus rug
-Artificial turf (could be fun!)

Any recommendations for safe, nontoxic, reasonably priced, eventually removable and very cushioned flooring? For the size of the room, should we be looking at tiled flooring solutions or rolls of material?

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