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ole joyful needs help - what foods need I eat to build blood back up?

9 months ago
last modified: 9 months ago

Two weeks ago today started having heavy blood flow in urine. Have had such rarely, usually stopping abruptly after a couple of days, urine going back to just yellow, doc hasn't been worried.
This time it continued. I was doing income tax, not very effectively. Blockage during weekend, I'd had catheters for several years until surgery to install pipe in prostate last fall, had a couple left over, installed one - carefully.Catheters have small tubes and blood likes to clot, it worked for a time but eventually blocked. Doc said to go to urgent care, the one he recommended closed just as I arrived, I went to Emerg. in nearby Univ. Hosp., admitted a week ago Tues. Substantial ongoing blood flow, they gave me two transfusions, many bags of saline. On Thurs. transferred to hosp in nearby city serving my area. Ultrasound showed not sufficient problems in bladder to justify sending in devices, they continued flushing and watchful waiting, eventually leakage stopped, I was sent home last Tuesday evening, after exactly seven days of treatment.
To see my doc soon, had regular blood test today, so they'll have most recent info.
What foods should I eat to rebuild my blood?
Thank you for your suggestions.
My ex-, 20 years in charge of food service in a major local psych. hospital would have had ideas ... but she died 10 years ago.
ole joyfuelled

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