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Young tree hit by a fallen fence -what is the right way to save it ?

last year
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This is about a Golden Hearts Red Bud tree.
The tree can be seen below. It seems to be cursed as it has been hit by two major catastrophic events. Some sort of freeze one year ago that left it half dead (see the below link) and then just now by a fence that fell down and almost killed the treeHere is what it looked like an year ago (scroll down to see it) Here it is now

We have had rains and strong winds this last Saturday and that fence that you now see supported went down and almost killed the tree. The fence is now properly supported to make sure it does not fall again till my neighbor finds a contractor to build his sides and our common fence. He has been postponing this for years not sure how he could live with that but that is another discussion. Not sure how we got here as last summer it was leaning toward his side. Maybe the wind pushed toward my side.
So the tree does not seem broken, when I planted the tree I was afraid to put too much soil over because as they say, the roots (root ball) have to breath... so I went light on that maybe too light ? The tree has been there for two years and it has never seemed to be very solidly anchored and it was already leaning toward the right side. I was planing to fix these this season but... bad luck, the trree got hit as mentioned above.
Maybe that was its luck (if it has any left and if we can call this luck)....when the fence fell down on it, it bent but the trunk does not seem cracked or anything. If any damage that might be at root level under ground
As of now it stands bent as you can see in the picture and I am considering digging it out and repositioning it to see if it will make it and at least it will make it straight with what is left of it after these two major hits. The other option would be to repot it in a very large pot that I have and plant a new tree, just not to miss one more season. I had plans to plant another tree like this at the front of the property so it I can save it, prune it and make it look right that is where it will go.
What is the proper way to deal with this ?

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