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OT........Ode to Spring

11 months ago
last modified: 11 months ago

I love to ponder

as I wander

through the woods

and fields

out yonder.

And feel the breezes

blow 'round my knees-es

and muss my coif up

as they pleases.

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Comments (4)

  • annpanagain
    11 months ago

    Although my Spring's six months away

    I do agree with what you say.

    Anticipating verdure's loom

    Our hopes dispel the Winter's gloom.

  • vee_new
    11 months ago

    Spring! Four seasons in a day

    First snow and rain

    Then cold again

    'Til gales blow clouds away.

  • sheri_z6
    11 months ago

    The robins prance, the clouds, they dance.

    The bears awake and play.

    The daffys bloom, there's a cheerful moon,

    Spring is here to stay!

  • yoyobon_gw
    Original Author
    11 months ago
    last modified: 11 months ago

    Birds are singing, the air is crisp

    The sun is shining bright.

    The weatherman said that rain will fall

    And probably snow tonight.

    (Spring in New York state)