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THIS is why I hate writing checks.

2 months ago

A few months ago one of our TVs stopped working. I knew it was the control panel because the HDMI ports were the problem. So anyway, we bought a new one and put the old one in a spare room to be disposed of at our convenience. Well, my SO decided to take it to a repair shop to get it fixed, so that he could set it up in his shop.

We went to pick it up, SO takes out his card to pay for the repairs, and the man says" I don't take plastic. I take cash, checks, and livestock." with a smile. So I dig out my checkbook, we do not carry much cash. Wrote the check, got the tv loaded up, done.

That was almost a month ago and the check has not been cashed. I HATE when people do that. It is so inconsiderate. Next week on one of my off days I am going to get cash, drive all the way back out there and buy my check back and be done with it. Ugh.

Before this, the last check I wrote was 3 years ago when my oldest niece graduated high school. Took 3 days from when I mailed it to be cashed. THAT is how you are supposed handle checks. Get it, deposit or cash it within a few days, a week at the most.

It a tiny annoyance I know. But I am a person who dislikes loose ends. A month old uncashed check is a loose end to me.

Just ranting that's all.

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