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I am in the middle of a bathroom remodel.

Angela Ward
2 months ago

I am having a shower retiled. The workmanship is impeccable! As I’m looking at my close to finished project, I notice that the staggered rows are about 1.5 off center from each other. At this point I questioned the tile guy. He said he would have had to place a very narrow piece of tile at the end of each row; which is not acceptable. I agree!
I was never told before hand that the tile would be installed in this way. He could have pushed the left hand wall out a few inches further to accommodate the proper lining up of rows since he had to build it out anyway. Or I could have had him place a contrasting tile vertically….
The very kind young man offered to tear it all out. Purchase everything needed to redo the job; and redo it at his expense.
I have a hard time telling him to do that. The bottom line is…I want to know if the off centers rows are acceptable?

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