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Advise on Vanity Mirror and Lighting

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

My husband and I are in the process of planning to remodel a small bathroom with a 4 ft. vanity and a new shower. The biggest decision is installing the lighting. We want to install a FULL mirror across the back of the vanity, leaving a cut-out for a 15"w x 24"h upper cabinet on the left from the 11" drop soffit running across the vanity upper back wall. NOTE: we choose to keep the soffit for the main reason of having easy access to the top shelf of the upper cabinet to be installed.

The mirror installation would require a 3-light fixture we like, to be installed. I am concerned that the fixture may reflect itself in the mirror and not be to our liking. Does anyone reading this have photos of such an installation? I have seen sconce lighting in photos and do like that look. However, sconce lighting is out of the question because it would look out of place with the small upper cabinet on the left and a 3 ft. painted wall above ceramic tile behind a toilet immediately to the right of the vanity and mirror.

Your input would greatly be appreciated. Thank You.

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