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MDF around new shower showing water damage.

Jess Bar
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

This shower is less than 2 years old. A leak in grout was repaired and trim replaced a few months ago. Now water damage is back again on trim. Builder is blaming shower door by saying water could be seeping through door. Since damge shows from the bottom up he argues there is nothing wrong with shower! anyone know if this could be true? what should be done next ?


when i questioned the builder on it being a leak that needs to be repaired this was his response.

” I would think since the wall has been open for over a few weeks now, it would be very apparent visually if the shower was leaking internally. I told David that with the baseboard being wet from the bottom up, the baseboard is installed on top of the tile, water would have to completely fill up from the slab and then spill over ontop of the tile. If that was the case, the 2x4’s bolted to the slab would be completely deteriorated by now if that much water was coming from an internal leak.“

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