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Interior Paint Recommendations

Pierre T
2 months ago


Looking to get a fresh coat of paint on the interior of a townhouse. I re-painted my full bathroom last year Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt last year based on some recommendations on here and loved it (last picture) so would love to hear some more for the rest of the townhouse.

Major challenge I would say is that one side of the townhouse gets good natural lighting while the other side of the townhouse has very poor natural lighting due to it backing up to a line of tall trees.

The first floor kitchen/dining combo area (Pictures #1 & 2) is on that poor natural lighting side - no windows and the only natural light source is through that door.

Picture #3 is a first floor interior half bathroom with no natural lighting

Pictures #4 & 5 is of the first floor living room area that is on the good natural lighting side - only natural source is through that window.

Pictures #6 & 7 is one of the two upstairs bedrooms. This one is on the good natural lighting side. The other one is identical with the two windows but is pretty dark since it's on the poor natural lighting side.


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