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Non-handy people in need of “spa space” direction!

7 days ago

All right, this is my first attempt at seeking feedback here so please have mercy on me! :)

We have a barn that’s about the size of a two car garage. It came with the house “as is” and is unfinished.

We recently got one of those inflatable jacuzzis and we were thinking of turning it into a spa like space. We want to do something serviceable, that two construction novices could DIY, not looking for a major renovation. (Photos included)

Thought starters:
-Just want a space for the jacuzzi that is relaxing and not so scary looking.
-We’ve thought about OSB to make the walls, do we need to insulate? How important is that? Or could it work just keeping the frames as is?
-It’s a concrete floor, we’ve thought about painting or acid washing - that could be an easy face lift.

Will take any advice, thoughts, design inspiration from the folks out there savvier than us - where do we even begin!?

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