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My neighbour has a blind date tonight

8 days ago
last modified: 8 days ago

She's not expecting anything from it. She's seen a pic of the man, and hopes he cleans up for the date :-)

A friend of mine wanted to set me up with someone. She said he doesn't have a license and he smokes. Nope, sorry. Not interested in being a chauffeur nor will I ever date a smoker.

You know I've been going to dances the past several months. There's either a dj or live music. Always with a group of friends, all couples, except for me and one other woman. The women always get up and dance as a group and we have a ball. The men also dance with all of us, handy for slow dances. LOL. I've also had other men at the dance ask me to dance, and I've asked a man or two who are sitting by themselves. It's just a nite out to hear the music and have a good time.

The past couple of months the other single lady and I have been going to a bar in her town. I'm NOT a drinker when I go out. All the dances and the bars I drink ginger-ale. (I'm also nominated as the DD at the dances, something I don't always want to be, but it seems to have stuck.)

Anyway the bar we have fun at too, we'll get up and get other ladies up dancing, and couples. There are men at this bar and I've asked one or two to dance, just because, and none dance.

I've always said I don't want to go to bars to meet someone, as I don't want a drinker, and so far it's the case. Non are the type for me (so far that I've seen) and they don't dance. LOL

But again, it's something for the two of us to do, dance to the band.

Our group (10 of us) is going to a bar tonight to hear a particular band.

Hmmmmm I'm wondering if it's time to put my toe into online dating. It scares the beejeebers out of me, I don't want to live with anyone, but it would sure be fun to have a partner to go to dances, and do things with.

This is the type of thing I wear to the dances and bars. I do get compliments. I'm very casual and laid-back as you all know!

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