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Annual corned beef discussion!

11 months ago

I love corned beef brisket roasted in the oven. Ever since I had one prepared that way, I have preferred it over boiling. But this year, I was enticed by a corned beef round at a butcher shop I visited for the first time. The butcher assured me it was the best, but I neglected to ask anything about preparing it.

I've googled until I'm crosseyed and so many recipes I find are how to 'corn' a round roast. I can't seem to get the right wording to find out if I can dry roast this cut. Anyone have any advice/experience? No sous vide advice, please, I don't do that, tho' I am sure it would be delicious.

The roast is pretty lean with a bit of fat on the top, but nothing close to the fat on a brisket. Should I just default to boiling, crock pot, baking with water added? Or is there a way to dry roast/bake it so it isn't shoe leather?

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