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How would you trim between two Andersen narrow mulled windows?

Chokdee Properties
2 months ago

Hey all

We are working on a new construction which has Andersen 400 series windows with the narrow mulling kits. This connects the two windows side by side and makes them flush side by side.

The joining brackets / clips are screwed in the recessed channel of each window. This channel around the window is used with Andersen's extension jambs which have a tongue which sit inside the channel. We aren't using their extension jambs and will custom trim the windows and returns.

How would you trim the area where the mulling kits are. The simpliest idea I had is custom cut a piece of trim wide enough to cover each channel and extend 1/16 or 1/8 over left and right. Another idea was to cut and route trim so the trim was in a shape of a U and can be inserted into the channel and cover the joint.

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