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Burgers. Interesting variations?

John Liu
2 months ago

DS and I went skiing yesterday, drove home and went straight to a brewery near our house and had hamburgers. I noticed they've added a "smashburger" to the menu, had one, and it was good.

I guess smashburgers are all the current rage. For those not partaking, these are burgers that have been smashed flat (1/2") on the griddle, so that almost all of the burger is deeply browned crust and almost none is rare, red, "interior" meat.

These are, in my opinion, vastly better than the previous rage, burgers stacked with extra inches of whatever attention-getting stuff the cook can think of, from waffle fries to mango slices, impossible to eat without a knife and fork, or a hazmat suit. And better than the previous rage, burgers filled or covered with hideous sauces, often sweet, think peanut butter or jalapeno cream cheese, also hazmat suit territory.

(Can we stop putting peanut butter in anything other than a PBJ? Peanut butter burgers, peanut butter whisky, arrgh, its like living in a nightmare world of hipster bearded alcoholic pre-schoolers.)

Anyway, I was thinking of what might be an interesting burger variation, that would satisfy the clamour for newness without being revolting.

DS asked if there is ever pork in burgers, and suggested grinding up pork belly and frying it in patties. Not enough cooking time on the griddle to render the fat, I replied, as my gallbladder did a warning spasm. But, hmm, you could roast the pork belly before chopping, forming, and frying.

What have you done interesting or different with "burgers" - term used very liberally of course?

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