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Living room details suggestions

Sabrina McGrail
3 months ago


I’ve been struggling with my TV room for a while now. We spend a lot of time in this room, so I want to get it right.

Things I like and don’t want to change ideally:

  • curtains
  • mirror
  • leather couches and chair (could be swayed on chair)
  • lighting fixture and paint color
  • ideally not change rug, would like to work around it

I’m considering-

  • painting the chair rail/bottom half to match the navy walls
  • I like the table shape but I’m concerned there are too many wood tones
  • I need to find different / better side tables
  • I’d like to have a larger more modern piece of art over the pink chair but haven’t found one I love yet

Would love ideas on how to bring this cozy, mid-century-esque vibe together!

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