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Seeking layout suggestions for a warm, uncluttered front living room

Teacher Mom
4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

Thanks for reading. Pics and floor plan attached. :)

We moved into our home about four years ago. It’s a typical (for our area?) 1970’s colonial, with a living room to your right, and dining room to left of entry. The family room and kitchen are in the back. I’d help setting up the front living room.

Design info and questions:

1. I am primarily looking for a layout/floor plan suggestion.

2. I do not want a “formal” living room. I want an inviting, warm, comfortable and uncluttered room that will look approachable to guests, and will serve as a relaxing space to stretch out for a nap, read a book, or listen to my kids‘ impromptu piano performances. :) There won’t be a tv in here, but the upright piano (4’ 10” wide) needs a home in this space.

3. Based on style quizzes here and elsewhere, I like eclectic and farmhouse looks, but nothing too crowded. I'm a minimalist in many ways--but don’t like modern, industrial or mid-century design for my own home.


Under $3,000. Thinking IKEA and second hand for non-upholstered pieces. Not in

a rush—just need a plan!

What has to stay:

Piano, but doesn’t have to stay in that spot.

Paint and chair rail for the time being.

Lifestyle factors to consider:

I homeschool both kids, and while that does NOT mean that we literally stay home all the time :) , we DO spend a lot more time living, learning, playing in this space than perhaps a typical family would.

My kids and friends will often come straight into this room from the front door, and I encourage but do not police shoe removal.

We have young Labrador retriever, and she will be welcome on any couches/chairs.

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this, and offer any suggestions you may have. Your time is very much appreciated. <3

(This is my first attempt at sketching a floor plan! If the numbers don’t add up exactly, it may be because of trim, baseboard heaters, etc.. I think it gives a good enough idea for furniture layout purposes.)

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