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Living room refresh, suggestions please

I am considering new window treatments, new rug, a floor lamp, and maybe a plant or some art. Furniture stays.

We have two kids and a dog and this room gets a lot of use. I have not set a budget yet, but cost is definitely an issue.

This is a new build that we moved into about a year and half ago. The walls are Sherwin Williams eider white (not my choice but I’m fine with it and definitely not changing it any time in the near future).

When we moved in I used this Sherwin Williams color palette for color inspiration.

Here are some snapshots of the room


Our old rug (from a previous house) is looking dingy despite a through cleaning cleaning and I am ready to replace it. It is already rolled up so not pictured. I’d like something In polypropylene I think. Something not too light as our previous rug had a cream background and I did not like how strongly it contrasted with the dark engineered wood floor. I would also like some pattern.


What is up now are Ikea curtains. They were a good economical choice while we figured out which windows we actually want covered and what would work best. But they are not ideal. They are hard to open and close behind the sectional and they don’t block enough light/heat in the summer. We like very simple window treatments. I considered shutters, but we wouldn’t be able to open them behind the sectional and the cost is a consideration. I am currently leaning towards two inch white blinds. Thoughts? Wood vs faux wood?


The room has ceiling lights, but I think a floor lamp behind the sectional would be a good idea. I made a stab at this earlier, but ended up with one that was too short. It’s also a little tricky for me with the sectional. Ideas?


The television stays.

I sometimes have orchids on each side of it. Other ideas for those spots? Or should I just get some more orchids?

To the left of the fireplace seems like it needs something for balance. I was originally thinking a plant there, but maybe some art on the wall would be better?

Thanks for reading my long post and for any help!

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