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Makita BHX 2500

last year
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My Makita BHX 2500 leaf blower has started to overheat

It is about 2 years old and is a 4 cycle engine. I changed the oil, before starting to blow gum balls. It started it up, and seemed to working fine. The engine periodically surged, but I knew that happen if there was air in the fuel line, so just pumped the button on the carburetor and continued working. It reached the point where that did not help. I took it back to to the shed thinking I was about out of gas, and when I took the cap of the tank noticed bubbles coming out of the gas line. The motor may have been a little warmer than usual, but the dip stick was hot to the touch. the oil level where it should be. I did a cursory inspect of the unit but did not see any signs of nest or blockage. (In the 11 years, I have had this shed where I store my small engine tools, I have never seen signs of rodent activity, )

I have assumed I have an over heating problem but would appreciate ideas on how to fix the overheating problem it there is one. or troubleshoot suggestion if the problem may be else where.

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