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Budget remodel and tons of fun

16 years ago

Here's the story (pictures) of my mainly DIY (tight budget)remodel that started because I bought a new dishwasher.

It all began with white melamine cabinets on Oct 20, 2007...



By the end of that first weekend...




The demo crew - twins are in college still (engineering) and the other two are done. None of them can use a drill or a saw as well as I can, but they can tear stuff up. lol

Found a couple of things along the way - boys had never seen a 45 or a mouse - poor deprived souls.



I laid my new floor and put my cabinets together each night for a week or so after work and did most of the painting. Sons helped on the weekend.




I had to hire a handyman to help me install the cabinets, remove the old exhaust unit and repair the drywall


I have to replenish the penny jar and buy a cabinet depth fridge. I moved it so it really stands out now.


That's my Makita in the picture.

Thanksgiving was amidst the mess, but we were all together and thankful.

Countertops finally on 11/27



Plumber came last week to install new sink stuff and I washed pots and dishes all day last Sunday. Everything is now put away.



I still have the remaining handles to put on drawers, floor finishing (edge pieces) cabinet trim, and hopefully soon a new fridge and range. Oh yes and I would like glass tiles for backsplash, but that's another story. I wish I was a kid again; I'd ask for all of it for Christmas...

Happy Holidays to All!

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