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Oak tree thoughts

3 months ago

Hi all! There are some beautiful trees on the property of the home we moved into a few months ago. There is one large oak tree in particular that really stands out. A couple of months ago I was approached by a young Arborer (late 30s) who told me the tree was about 60 years old and was diseased and he would cut it down for $4,000. We got a second opinion from an Arborer with decades of experience who said the tree was at least 100 years old and that there was nothing wrong with it and did not need to be cut down.
There’s something special about this tree and just want to learn more about it if possible. If there’s anyone out there with extensive Oak knowledge, I’d love to know your thoughts!
I posted some pictures as it is right now (it’s very damp and wet here) but can post more once this year’s leaves come in. I wish the pictures did justice, it’s really a beautiful tree.
For reference, it’s at least 40 feet in height and the very base of the tree is between 4 and 4.5 feet in diameter.

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