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New fun recipe added to rotation

3 months ago

My SO sent me a video of someone making cheeseburger eggrolls. Now, when he does this I take it as him asking me to make them, to his taste of course. I crisped up some bacon, browned the ground beef and onions, and added back in the bacon, along with some shredded cheddar and a glob of cream cheese. I seasoned it the way I season regular cheeseburgers. That is, with onion powder, garlic powder and pepper. I didn't put salt because I added some Worcestershire sauce. The original recipe called for mustard and chopped up pickles in the filling, which I omitted because SO hates both. I then rolled the filling in the eggroll wrappers and fried them.

And because I cannot leave well enough alone, i decided to make a dipping sauce for them. A simple mix of mayo, ketchup, Louisiana hot sauce, garlic and onion powder, and pepper. It was really funny because when I presented it to SO, he looked at it funny and said "I don't want that (expletive)" But then he caught himself, and probably thinking he hurt my feelings, cautiously dipped a tiny corner of a cheeseburger eggroll in it to try it. The next thing you know he is simply slathering it all over them. And he apologized PROFUSLY and proceeded to tell all his friends that he talked to over the course of the night about what a donkey he was for saying he didn't want it without even trying it.

Anyway, I am glad I found a new recipe to add to my repotoire. It certainly not something to make all the time, but something fun to work in every couple months or so. Have you found any new "keepers" lately?

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