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Frustrated with computer service from HP

I have a desktop computer. It is 2-1/2 years old. One day the start button lit up, continued flashing, but the computer did not boot up, no fan started, screen was dark, nothing. I took it in for repair and was told it needed a new motherboard, but they couldn't fix it because they were not able to get a new motherboard from HP.

So I called HP and they agreed to fix it for $339, since I was out of warranty and had not signed up with any service plan.

After receiving the computer back from HP, I found a new problem. The computer did now turn on and could be used, but every few minutes the screen goes dark. It comes back on in about 2 seconds and I can continue what I was doing. But that's annoying!

So I called HP and told them that my computer wasn't fixed. They said this is another issue with the soft drive and I need to pay them more money in order for that to be fixed.

I am most frustrated. Anyone have any suggestions for me?

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