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Airfrier Cleaning Hints

CA Kate z9
last month

I was talking on the phone to #2 GS today, and he texted me a photo of the most beautiful pork tendloin I have ever seen. As he sat there and ate it in front of me, he said it was delicious. I wanted to grab a piece of that beautiful meat right off the photo. Unfortunately he is on Long Island and I am in California. (sigh)

He said he made it in the airfrier. (I don't know the brand.) It did a beautiful job with this pork tenderloin from Target... pre-marinaded in Lemon and herbs. He said the airfrier makes good food but is difficult to clean.

So, are there any hints for helping to clean faster/better/less work?

Are there any airfriers that are better and easier to clean than some? (I've been thinking about getting one.)

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