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How do you dispose of your kitty litter?

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Tidy Cats has discontinued the brand of litter I have used for years (Natural Cedar, Pine, Corn) so I need to find another.

I have five litter boxes in the cellar for the boys for overnight. Right now they are mostly full, no need to do a complete empty, I just add a top dressing after the morning scooping. I only do a complete empty and wash the boxes maybe one to three times a year (or if really nasty). Anyway, I'm down to one scoop of the Tidy Cat. I saw a box of multi-cat 24/7 litter at Dollar General for $12 and thought I'd try introducing that little by little. Well, here it's a clay litter and it's green! I've never used a clay litter and the Tidy Cat Natural can be dumped onto the dirt/weed/compost pile down in the orchard.

Went to Pet Supplies today to browse litters. SO many choices, So expensive! I finally decided on a walnut shell based litter. It was on sale, but will be a little more than I paid for the Tidy Cat Cedar/Pine/Corn. One lady I talked to uses Fresh Step and says she just dumps it into the trash. Do you use a clay litter and dump it into the trash? In a garbage or other plastic bag?

Inside cat used World's Best. It's really costly but one bag lasts her a long time.

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