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Window with opening on top and bottom?

Elly Mc
last month
last modified: last month

The frontage of our house has 2 large bedroom windows to the left of the front door. Both are 44"x6ft, with 7 feet between them. Because they are bedrooms they need egress, but since they are on the ground floor and we don't have air conditioning we also need to be able to securely open a window at night.

In order to solve this issue, we were considering doing an awning window at the bottom, then a picture window, then another awning window at the top. The bottom opening would give egress, the top one we could open at night and still be secure from intruders. So each window would be 44x24". I was thinking putting a colonial grill in there would break up the look of 3 stacked rectangles.

Thoughts? Would this look stupid? Better ideas?

(Edited width from 42 to 44 after double checking measurments)

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