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Anyone ever buy/use shades that open top to bottom?

15 years ago

I am looking for a shade for my 3rd BR/office. My computer sits right in front of the window and I don't like it showing right there (inviting to thieves?). So, I was considering getting a pleated shade I saw on the JC Penney website that opens at the top to the bottom 9actually it can open either way). That way, I could have light in the room but still hide the computer. Anyone ever use this kind of blind? Not necessarily the JCP one but that style in general. Are they a pain to open/close? Do they look good?

Also, I will be putting some kind of other WT up (valance, etc). Will it look dumb to have the blind open (bare window) at the top w/ another WT?

What I would really like is a patterned roman shade so I could forego any other WT (window is in the right hand corner of the wall w/ only abt 5 inches from the window casing to the corner so no fancy decorative rods for this window!), but you can't do a RS that opens from the top - LOL!

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