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vanity opening on bottom / vanity without top and sink

7 years ago

In the past I saw there was a site that had the option to sell vanities separately from the tops and sinks. I can't seem to find that site, does anyone know it?

If I pick custom cabinets, I believe they only come with the bottom totally closed, like the kitchen cabinets are. I love the bottom open...

I need 2 vanities, both 48".

One with a double sink, which is very limited. I did find one, but it's going against the wall and the cabinet needs a filler. The doors won't open otherwise. If the countertop isn't over the filler that won't look right.

One with the sink all the way on the right because of the low ceiling.

I would like to find a vanity (not kitchen cabinet) and put my own counter top and sink where I want them. thank you.

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