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Drip edge install estimates

I apologize for the long message.

I have a 1950s house with a slate roof. Location: Mid-Atlantic US

There is no drip edge directing water into the gutters, and as a I result I have water getting behind the gutters and damaging the fascia.

I have three estimates to install a drip edge on front and back gutters and to repair rotted wood where a squirrel is getting into my attic.

One of the estimates includes replacing the gutters. But since two of the three estimators said the gutters are fine I am not replacing them.

Are these estimates reasonable?

Estimate 1.

Provide materials, labor, and insurance to perform repairs to the roof at the above referenced address as described below:

1-Remove existing gutters and downspouts at front main , back main and lower roofs sections.

2-Inspect fascia and replace damage boards as needed.(see wood replacement cost below) Company will not be responsible for any paint work needed after wood replacement.

3-Install new drip edge metal between slates and fascia board.

4-Installation of new white 6" seamless gutters with 3"x4" downspouts as needed.

Any wood work needed will be at a cost of $9.00 per linear foot.

Payment due upon completion. Warranty 3 years.

$6,950.00 (Subtracting cost of gutters I am estimating $3500-$4000 total)

(I have used this company before to replace flashing around dormers two years ago. Repairs seem to have held except for a water leaking that I think is coming from one of the windows. I called them to come back when it first showed up and they caulked a window which seemed to help temporarily. Problem is back however.)

Estimate 2:

Drip edge install to front and rear upper eaves of house

Work to include :

- Removal of first two courses of slate plus the starter course, and storing - Inspection of decking for damaged/rotten wood, replacing where needed

- Installation of new High Temperature Ice and Water Barrier Underlayment

- Installation of new Fabricated Drip Edge to eave
- Relay slate making up for breakage as needed

Note : Any damaged/rotten wood to be replaced at Time ($105hr) and Material (@20%) Before and after pictures will be taken of any wood replaced


Payment, half at start, half at end

Estimate 3:

Roof Repairs:

  1. Remove one (1) broken slate.
  2. Install one (1) new Buckingham slate.
  3. Remove damaged fascia board on rear where squirrels are getting in.
  4. Install new fascia board as needed.
  5. Fabricate and install white drip edge at front and rear gutter – approximately sixty feet.
  6. Remove all job related debris upon completion.

Total Cost: $875.00 (eight hundred seventy-five dollars)

I have asked the companies if I should hire a pest control company to make sure the squirrel is out/trap it. Should I, or will closing up the old fix that? Squirrels can naw their way back in right?

Thanks for any words of wisdom.

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