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New roof - contractor didn't install drip edge

16 years ago

I just had a new roof put on over the weekend. In the contract it called for the "contractor to furnish and install new aluminum drip edge and counter flashing". The roofers tore off the old roof, put on the new one, and didn't replace the rusty old drip edge. I brought this to the attention of the roofer today, along with several other minor issues I would like addressed, but I haven't heard back from him.

What would you want to see done in this situation?

Can a drip edge even be replaced after the new roof is installed? And if can, will doing so mess up the new shingles?

Is the new drip edge that important? It seems as though I paid for something that I did not receive and that could possibly cause my roof to wear out faster as a result.

The new roof looks great, but I'm left feeling like I've been dooped. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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