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Drilling through pool cage frame for lightweight hanging?

last month

We lost some privacy from the neighboring condos in our pool cage when the last hurricane blew through, and I'm thinking an easy way to get some of it back would be to hang flower baskets from our pool cage. I see commercial hooks meant to clip on to the vertical posts of a pool cage, but I'd like to hang them from the top horizontal frame pieces. It seems like it would be very easy to do - drill through the hollow frame, then put a long bolt through the hanger and the holes with galvanized and rubber washers on each side to prevent any water getting inside.

The only part that worries me is the weight put on the frame. It wouldn't be much, because I'm lazy I would be using faux plants and the one I found that looks nice for outdoors would weigh less than three pounds. The pool cage came through the hurricane just fine so I know it's not fragile, but I can't find any photos of this exact thing done online to show my wife so I'm hoping somebody has done something similar and can tell me it's fine and doesn't hurt the cage. Anyone? Thanks!