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Best outdoor furniture brand? And which type of Sunbrella?

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I would like to to buy a nice outdoor modern furniture set, 5-8 pieces or 2 couches by my pool/spa. Which brand do you suggest? As for the fabric, I am hearing a lot about sunbrella. I would like to have the most water resistent and resistant to be tor apart. I was seeing good reviews about the Sunbrella Canvas, but seems there are many Sunbrella types/model I am getting lost. In many of your posts you say Sunbrella is just a name for many types of upholstery, but then I see a website in which they sell it by the yard. Is there anything better than Sunbrella or is it the best? Can you please help me with my choice please? I want to replace a 5 years old Ashley Furniture set whose cusions are tearing apart (wicker is good though).

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