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I need some sympathy, and a vent

last month
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I know we all have bumps in the road of life and i have generally been fairly lucky. I guess this is smallish stuff, but oh man!

I am currently scheduled to have surgery on my left shoulder this Thursday. Dreading it but gritting my teeth and Ive been preparing. Last night I was cooking food to have on hand and while stirring, i heard a crack in my right shoulder and it was immediately really painful. I iced it, took Tylenol and went to bed hoping it would be better in the morning. Its not.

Called my doctor’s office this morning and i will go in tomorrow to see whats going on. I am pretty sure my surgery will be postponed. , since i need to have at least one functioning arm.

I also have a meeting scheduled with a funeral director this morning. No, not for me but to do preplanning for my mother. And if that isnt enough, my powder room toilet isnt working and the plumber is coming to install a new one this afternoon.

Gah, ready to scream in both pain and frustration. Thanks for listening. Hope you are having a good day!

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