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Question about the Shower Floor material and height

R T. S
2 months ago

I recently started remodeling my bathroom. After following the instructions of the contractor we prepared the flooring. I've attached images of every step of the shower floor up to where I am now. I think the shower floor is too high now but my contractor doesn't think so.

I also think we could have done a better job fitting the linear drain (in the pictures below) earlier in the preparation stages. Am still on the right track or should I remove the the floor and start over while I have time?

The sequence of material on the shower floor:

7- thinset and tiles (not yet added)

6- cement board + sandmix/mortar (to bring the height up to match the base of linear drain) (no yet added)

5- thin layer of schluter all-set

4- sandmix

3- liner, at this point the plastic part coving the shower drain base is also installed

2- sandmix (preslope) + at this point the first part of shower drain base is installed

1- subfloor






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