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Floors for rift cut white oak cabinets

2 months ago

I’m planning a kitchen remodel where I’ll have rift cut white oak cabinets in a light color stain and a contemporary style. I’m having a hard time finding engineered hardwood flooring in a color that looks good with the cabinets. The difficulty is that I want the floors to be fairly light as well, and I think there won’t be enough contrast with the cabinets. I need to find the flooring first, as the cabinets are custom and the stain also, so that can be finalized based on the flooring color. For both I’d like a neutral tone, not gray or reds.
The photos are to show the color of the cabinets for lightness, I know the tone is not the same. I’d like to keep the floors light but still somewhat darker than the cabinets.
Can anyone share what specific flooring they used with such cabinets, or what they would recommend? I’m getting so discouraged as I’ve looked at lots of flooring and haven’t found anything yet. Thanks in advance!

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