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Do you sneeze after eating?

last year
last modified: last year

I've been noticing this recently, and I mentioned it to my brother last night, as he was sneezing a bit after we at dinner.

This website suggests that hot soup and chilies can cause sneezing, and that's what I had for lunch today. I only sneezed three or four times, and so I do not consider that a reason to avoid hot soup or chilies. I think I will merely change the time of day when I take antihistamines, as I take Allegra every day to avoid congestion, but I have been taking it at night just before bed. If I do not take it, I end up very congested and cannot breathe through my nose at night.

I think I will start taking Benadryl just before lunch and see if that helps.

I've been eating lots of chilies all my life, and so I don't know why I would just now be noticing it. I do not intend to give up chilies - I can live with the minor sneezing, but I just wondered how common this is and what others do about it. My sneezing stopped after about five minutes, and so it was not anything drastic.

The soup I had today contained chicken broth that I had made with Ancho chili, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, bok choy, mung bean noodles, egg, Thai fish sauce, dried mushrooms, dehydrated cabbage, dried wakame (kelp), celery, a couple of chiles de árbol, and some mushroom soy sauce. It was not nearly as hot or spicy as what I usually make, and I thought it needed more chili.

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