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Bubblegum Queen is registered!

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

I just received confirmation that the seedling I have called "Big Pink" is now registered with the name I wanted: Bubblegum Queen. If I had gotten the news sooner I definitely would have listed Bubblegum Queen in my five best B's.

Bubblegum Queen

(Zimmerman 2023) Deep rose to bubblegum pink petals with lighter watermark and white edge. The first blooms are 8 inches on 32 inch scapes. Later in the season and on rebloom, the flowers are 7+ inches. A semi-evergreen tet, this Early cultivar is a vigorous multiplier and a reliable rebloomer. Bubblegum Queen has an average of 18 buds, with a range of 14-21 buds and three-way branching. It is a reluctant pod setter, but the pollen is extremely potent and almost always sets a pod. I have lots of exciting seedlings coming from this parent. (Dancing Flamingo X Bubblegum Delicious)

The photo above shows BQ as it looks on the first blooms when temps are cool. This next picture is more representative of the bubblegum pink it shows most of the season when temps are in the 90s here.

Here are a couple of clump shots, the first on a 98-degree day last summer, and the second from two summers ago.


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