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Festive Food Floof! Christmas Treats!

5 months ago

I like "special" holiday foods. Alas, my family does not really have any specifically Christmas treats that I can think of. We tend to have the same menu, with a few variations here and there for EVERY family event. The treats that I find special tend to be store bought. Eggnog, those horrible yet wonderful chocolate Christmas tree Little Debbie cakes, things like that. A friend of mine at work makes a really delicious fruitcake, which is something I do not really care for normally, but hers is really good and she brings me a big piece every year at Christmas, the only time she makes it. Therefore it is HER special Christmas treat. One of my regular truck drivers sends a huge platter of various goodies that his wife makes at Christmas every year, and a now retired driver used to bring us homemade pecan pie bars every Christmas.

At my own home I make snowflake shaped waffles for breakfast on Christmas, but that is all I can think of. My Christmas gift to my fellow workers is my decorations and an endless supply of various flavors of candy canes.

Do you have a "special" Christmas treat? A Christmas only cookie? A Holiday Ham? Anything?

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