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Help my tiny house is too small for huge refrigerator

last year
last modified: last year

I just bought a tiny bungalow and did some remodeling. I did not like the refrigerator that came with the house so I replaced it (see first picture for the old fridge). The issue is that the new refrigerator is HUGE. it fits as far as height and width but it sticks too far out. I don’t mind the side that touches the counter. is the other side that looks odd. the other issue is the wall is not build out and is just a very thin wood piece which makes it look even worse, I feel it won‘t make a huge difference if I bought something smaller. I was thinking of putting some magnetic spice racks to disguise it, honestly did not mind it until people started saying it was huge. should I return it? it was a nightmare to get this in through the tiny doors.

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