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Devastated- new countertop tear out

last month

Had new quartzite installed 2 weeks ago. called manhattan quartzite from brazil. purchased from reputable fabricator- have bern doing business with them for 10 years. tested begore hand- glass glass, lemon, vinegar etc.

when installed, there were large wet looking disvolorations down both sides of island and along back on countertop. I asked the installer why they looked like that and he didnt seem concerned. He siad it was water absorbrion from the fabricarion cutting and it should evaporare in a few hours. well well, it never did.

i had them come back 3 days later. they tried a heater and ledt poiltice on it for 7 days. came back tried srting it again and nothing wokrs. Still looks the same. they said thet have never experimced this before and have nonisea what it is. they said thet will replace the stone wirh the same one or I may choose something else. I loved the blue grey color of this quartzite, but fear using the same material again. is there any quartzite that performs well wirh absorption/ etching/ staining staining?

i am even considering a marble called Namibian sky, as I have it as a buffet table top for the past 6 years. Its gorgeous , no issues, but its on a piece of furniture, not a kitchen cointertop. it has similar coloring of blue/ grey.

any suggestion of a wairtzite or marble that is good in a kirchen? i do not like quartz; i just feel it looks flat . thanks

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