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Moving granite counter tops

10 years ago

Not sure if this has been asked before. We have been looking to buy a house in Florida and have found some homes which have old cabinets with new granite counter tops. Apparently, people think having granite will sell a house without anything else updated. It is so disturbing because I would prefer to tear out old kitchens and replace everything. But having all this granite seems a waste if it can't be reused.

Last week we saw a house we liked. The kitchen was decent but the cabinets were very old and not worth refinishing. They need replacing. The sellers put a huge slab of beautiful granite on top. Very large piece which turns the corner and I had trouble finding the seam. I actually loved the stone and it was beautifully installed. But the cabinets were old Formica-type, salmon pink!

I walked away from this house because of the granite and the cabinets. If there was no granite, we'd just tear out the cabinets and put new counter tops. But dealing with this slab of granite made that impossible.

Has anyone done this successfully?



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