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Cookie Thoughts?

last year

I've been in such a baking mood! I have no excuse to bake cookies, however, so I've been watching cookie baking shows. They focus mostly on decorating, however, which I'm not really big on. As a kid, my mother had me decorating the cut out shortbread cookies with colored sugar and sprinkles, for color. We had cookie trees. They went to all the schools and activities. We baked dozens and dozens of cookies. So, I've also been reading a bunch of cookie recipes while choosing some for a late teen, and some don't sound good at all! I appreciate all the different textures, but not hard. I mean, hard is fine for a dipper, like a biscotto, but otherwise, save the teeth! In recent years, I've just made the favorites: Toll House, Moravian Ginger (molasses) Cookies, Scottish Shortbread (from an actual Scot), Annie's Cuppa Peanutbutter. But there are so many other good cookies!

What are your favorite also rans? Like I love applesauce cookies, and oatmeal (but not so much with raisins), Linzers, and I have a couple of recipes, which I expect come from CF, for pumpkin cookies, which I want to try being that I have extra pumpkins, when most years I run short.

What are you planning to try? What are your can't not make 'ems? What are your favorites only you will eat? Applesauce are that for me. I guess they're not pretty enough, being brown blobs, but they're so good!

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