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Growing Lavender Crush as a shrub?

Desert Rose (10a Sunset 19)
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Here in Southern California, I’ve only seen Lavender Crush growing as a robust climber with stiff, vertical 10-foot+ canes growing straight up into the sky with flowers mostly at the top. Given what I’ve observed, I’m intrigued that it’s sometimes called a “shrub” with a height of 5-7 feet. Would I be foolish to attempt to grow this crushing beast as a shrub in Zone 10a? If I continually tried to chop the canes down to 5 feet, would I simply be fighting the rose’s intrinsic nature, diminishing its blooming power, and wearing out my gauntlet gloves? I’m crazy about the blooms and haven’t seen another rose remotely like it, but I’m also not looking to plant a rose that will crush me or my house. Zone 10 tribulations!

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